Two Publications at EGOV 2021

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At EGOV 2021, the scientific conference on e-government, open government, eParticipation and e-democracy, our research group succeeded in placing two scientific papers.

With »Ronda: Real-time Data Provision, Processing and Publication for Open Data«, Fabian Kirstein, Dario Bacher, Vincent Bohlen and Sonja Schimmler presented a framework for the integration and provision of real-time data. The goal is to practically process the increasing amount of rapidly changing data, such as timetables or weather data, and make it available with a specialised user interface. Open source, of course. Read the paper here.

The article »A Translation Service for Open Data Portals« by Sebastian Urbanek and Sonja Schimmler is about the machine translation of metadata for research artefacts. Research, in general, should become more accessible because the ability to search for keywords in the user’s language reduces language barriers and improves the findability of artefacts for them.